Alan has been blessed with the means to be able to travel around the country to photograph the temples. His wife, Lori, was also lucky enough to be able to join him on some of his travels, especially to amazing locations like Hawaii and Alaska. And we get to watch as Alan continues to awe us with his talent and the beautiful temple pictures that he brings home after every trip. His style of capturing temples is incredibly unique, and many say that his images “glow.” He has a way of capturing not only the beauty of the temple itself, but also the grounds surrounding the temple, and the peace that one can feel when visiting the House of the Lord. His temple photos are unlike any others in the world!

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A few words from Alan

As an aspiring photographer growing up in Utah, it’s only natural that I’ve photographed them now and again. But I never got into it consistently until about 2014. That was when people expressed interest in the way I captured the temples. It wasn’t your typical “snapshot”, but a photograph with a bit of artistic flare.

My greatest hope is that people will feel a sense of peace when they look at my photos. A peace that will be brought into their homes and into their lives.

My favorite temple to photograph is the Nauvoo Temple. For me, it had a feeling unlike any other. The history, combined with the temple’s unique grounds, makes it my favorite.

My personal favorite photo is Provo City Center Temple – Families Are Forever. It wasn’t my favorite at first, but the story behind the sculpture made it grow on me. The popularity of the photo helped too. I believe it’s also quite visually appealing.