After returning home from his mission, Jason committed himself to attend the temple regularly. He lived near the Denver temple and spent a lot of time there. After serving in the house of the Lord, he would sit on the lawn and ponder the details that adorn the walls of the Temple. One evening while doing this, he heard in his heart the message “Bring a camera and photograph the areas that mean the most to you.” That night changed everything. Later he learned to seek the details that often go unnoticed.

A few words from Jason

My hope is that my images remind others of the love and peace they have felt attending the temple. I hope that when they see my images, it takes them back to those memories.

I really enjoy photographing the Provo Utah Temple. The Provo Temple has been known for its unusual architecture. When I first moved to Provo in 2008, I thought “how can I change the way people see it?” In my image of Autumn Hills, I love the brightness of the temple with the stark crimson red autumn hills behind it. To me, this symbolizes the Atonement of the Savior.

The Morning Breaks is my personal favorite photo that I have taken. It symbolizes a transformation of me. When that image was taken, I was making changes to my personal life. That morning I became centered in Christ, just as the name of Jesus Christ is centered in the photograph. The setting and story behind the image is that I arrived early at Temple Square and photographed before the sun came up. I returned home to Chandler and began to look though my images. As I saw that image, I remembered that morning and how it felt seeing that special setting. These are the notes I made about that morning:

“The sacred hymn The Morning Breaks triumphantly declares The Lord’s arrival to his people. This image of the Salt Lake Temple declares that he has come and continues to come often to visit his people. With the Majestic colors in the clouds testifying that His final return will be in glory and that we will witness the literal gathering of his people coming to his temples. The doors will be open and the saving ordinances will be given to all men and women.”