Behind the Scenes with Taylor

Taylor’s Story

When he was younger, Taylor often walked around with a camera in hand, searching carefully for the perfect photo opportunity.

Taylor said, “It wasn’t long before I found myself being drawn to [temples]. There was so much beauty and peace that whenever I had a free minute and my camera, I found myself wandering the temple grounds.” He began taking photos of many of the Utah temples.

“I realized I could use my talents to help other see the temple in a different way. That was exactly what I wanted to do.”

In 2015, Taylor went on a trip across the country, visiting and photographing many of the temples in the country.

Taylor has also found that his passion has evolved into so much more than a career—it’s a way to share his faith with many more people that just his family and friends. Every image Taylor creates tells a personal and inspiring story. But the real purpose behind each photo is truly universal:

“I set off to create unique images that [bring] joy to others,” he says.