10 Beautiful Winter Pictures of LDS Temples

10 Beautiful Winter Pictures of LDS Temples

(Feature photo of the Payson Utah Temple by Tausha Coates)

During the winter months it’s easy to feel stressed out, at least for those of us in the northern Unites States. Between waking up in near darkness, to shoveling snowy driveways, to making our way to work in treacherous icy conditions, or getting our kids to school in those same conditions, it’s enough to make us feel anxious all season long. So we want you to stop for a minute and take in the peace and tranquility of these winter temple scenes. You’ll quickly be reminded that despite the weather, there is also a serene beauty during these months.

Usually when we think of the temple grounds, we think of an amazing display of flowers and large trees to sit under with the warm sun on our backs. But take a minute to look and you’ll see that the temple is still just as wonderful in the winter as it is in the summer! So we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite gorgeous winter temple pictures to help you remember just how beautiful and inspiring a chilly, snowy day can still be.

Meridian Temple Winter

Meridian Temple Winter by Gavin Vanderbeek

Logan Temple – Winter Wonderland

Logan Temple – Winter Wonderland by Gavin Vanderbeek

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10 Beautiful Winter Pictures of LDS Temples | Despite the weather of the winter months, there is still peace and beauty found at the temple. Here are 10 of our favorite winter temple pictures for you to enjoy!