10 More Payson Temple Pictures You Haven’t Seen Yet

10 More Payson Temple Pictures You Haven’t Seen Yet

Feature photo can be found here: Payson Temple – Eternal Creations by Dustin Bitter

Nearly two years ago we showcased 10 amazing pictures of the Payson Temple. Since then, we’ve gotten so many more beautiful photos that we just had to share them in this new post!

The Payson Temple serves the every-growing membership in southern Utah County and helps alleviate demands on the busy Provo Temple. And on a side note, these demands will be alleviated even more by the building of the new Orem Temple. We hope construction on that temple will begin soon!

Standing adjacent to the busy I-15 freeway, the Payson Temple is a true light on a hill, visible to the millions who pass by day and night. And without further adieu, here are 10 more pictures of the Payson Temple that you probably haven’t seen yet:

Payson Temple – Sacred Duty

Payson Temple – Sacred Duty by Daniel Hopkins

Payson Temple – Rainbow

Payson Temple – Rainbow by Tausha Schumann

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10 More Payson Temple Pictures You Haven't Seen Yet | It's been two years since we showcased the beautiful Payson Temple. Now we have so many more photos of the temple, and we just had to share them with you!