10 New Vernal Temple Pictures You Haven’t Seen

10 New Vernal Temple Pictures You Haven’t Seen

(Feature photo can be found here: Vernal Temple – Summer Sunset by Rory Wallwork)

The Vernal Utah Temple is a historic landmark of the city and the surrounding area, visible all those traveling along Highway 191. It was the first temple (followed by the Provo City Center Utah Temple) to be constructed from/within the shell of a pioneer-built tabernacle. Located just two blocks south of Main Street, the wonderful landscaping includes beautiful mature trees and numerous flowers surrounding the temple.

The Vernal Temple was the tenth temple built in Utah, dedicated in 1997. However, the building itself had a much longer history before that. The structure was originally built and then dedicated as the Uintah Stake Tabernacle on August 24, 1907. However, around 85 years later the tabernacle had fallen into serious disrepair and had not hosted a stake conference since 1983.

To make a long story short, the tabernacle was eventually converted into the temple that stands strong today. Interestingly, at the original dedication of the Uintah Stake Tabernacle 90 years prior, President Joseph F. Smith’s words would prove prophetic when he said he “would not be surprised if the day would come when a temple would be built in your own midst here.”

During its two-week public open house period, the temple was toured by nearly 120,000 visitors! Those are very large numbers, considering the size and remote location of the city of Vernal. Once the open house had ended,  the temple was dedicated President Gordon B. Hinckley in 11 sessions over three days.

Before we share these beautiful temple pictures with you, here are a few more fascinating facts about the Vernal Temple:

  • It was the 51st temple in the world and, as we stated earlier, the 10th temple in Utah.
  • The idea of converting the tabernacle into a temple was actually proposed by leaders of the local stake in 1984, but the proposal was rejected by the First Presidency. However, in 1993, the idea of a temple was proposed again, and this time was approved.
  • All of the furniture and fixtures salvaged from the original tabernacle were sold at public auction in 1995. Everything sold in 3½ hours.
  • Due to the narrowness of the building, a two-stage endowment room was innovated for the Vernal Utah Temple—a concept which has been used in many temples ever since.
  • In celebration of the one-year anniversary of the dedication of the temple, ordinance work was performed all that day and through the night for 24 hours.

Vernal Temple – Radiance

Vernal Temple – Radiance by Rory Wallwork

Vernal Temple – Evening

Vernal Temple – Evening by Alan Fullmer

Vernal Temple – Oil Painting

Vernal Temple – Oil Painting by Tausha Schumann

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10 Vernal Temple Pictures You Haven't Seen | The Vernal Utah Temple was the first temple to be constructed from the shell of a pioneer-built tabernacle. Here are 10 pictures you haven't seen yet!