10 Pictures of the Provo Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

10 Pictures of the Provo Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

(Feature photo can be found here: Provo Temple – Brightly Beams by Jon Adams)

Located on Provo’s east bench near the mouth of the beautiful Rock Canyon, the Provo Utah Temple has stunning backdrop of towering mountains. The temple grounds include a cascading water feature and wonderful greenery.

The Provo Temple is often said to be one of the busiest temples in the Church. It operates six ordinance rooms, allowing sessions to begin every 20 minutes. There are only three other temples that have six ordinance rooms: the Ogden Temple, Jordan River Temple, and Washington D.C. Temple.

Before we share the photos with you, here are a few facts that you might not know about the Provo Temple:

  • It was dedicated on February 9, 1972 by Joseph Fielding Smith and was the 13th temple in the world, as well as the 6th in Utah.
  • The Provo Utah Temple was constructed as a sister building to the original Ogden Utah Temple, which was built and dedicated at the same time. The Ogden Temple has since been completely remodeled, giving it an entirely new look
  • As part of an exterior renovation in 2003, an angel Moroni statue was added to the temple, and the spire—originally gold colored—was painted white.

Provo Temple Sunset West

Provo Temple Sunset West by Dustin LeFevre

Provo Temple – Summer Sky

Provo Temple – Summer Sky by Kenny Latimer

Provo Temple – Sacred Ground

Provo Temple – Sacred Ground by Taylor Yardley

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10 Pictures of the Provo Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably) | Set in front of majestic mountains, the Provo Temple is one of the busiest temples in the world. Here are 10 pictures of it that you haven't seen yet!