10 Pictures of the San Antonio Temple You May Not Have Seen

10 Pictures of the San Antonio Temple You May Not Have Seen

(Feature photo can be found here: San Antonio Temple – Fountain Sunset by Rory Wallwork)

Before the beautiful San Antonio Texas Temple was built, Latter-day Saints in the area had to travel more than 200 miles to visit the nearest temple in Houston. But as the number of members went from 9,000 to 12,000 in about 10 years, it was finally announced that a new temple would be built in the northern area of San Antonio.

The interior of the temple is beautifully furnished with African Cherrywood, stained glass windows, paintings of Christ’s life, and a mural by San Antonio artist Keith Bond. The use of color in the stained glass windows, in a slightly muted southwest style, and the indigo and star motif inside the central spire sets this edifice apart from most other temples. We feel that the San Antonio Temple has some of the most amazing stained glass art of any temple in the world. The windows are truly a wonder to behold!

Before we share these beautiful temple pictures with you, here are a few facts about the San Antonio Temple that you may not know:

  • The San Antonio Temple was the 120th temple in the world and the fourth built in Texas, following the Dallas, Houston, and Lubbock temples.
  • It was dedicated on May 22, 2005 by Gordon B. Hinckley.
  • On September 21, 2004, the statue of the angel Moroni was placed atop the temple. This date coincided with the 181st anniversary of the first appearance of Moroni to the prophet Joseph Smith

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10 Pictures of the San Antonio Temple You May Not Have Seen | With it's beautiful stained glass art windows and unique spire, the San Antonio Texas Temple is a spiritual beacon. And here are 10 pictures you may not have seen.