10 Summer Pictures of the Salt Lake Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

10 Summer Pictures of the Salt Lake Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

Feature photo can be found here: Salt Lake Temple – Summer Glow by Rory Wallwork

The beautiful and iconic Salt Lake Temple is the largest LDS temple by floor area, measuring 253,015 square feet! After 40 years of construction and hard work, it was finally dedicated in 1893. It was the sixth temple completed by the Church and the fourth temple built after the saints left Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1846.

The temple is located at the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, surrounded by hills and mountains to the north and east. Nearby, a shallow stream, City Creek, splits and flows both to the west and to the south, flowing into the Jordan River. The temple is also surrounded by what has become very well-known as Temple Square. Millions of visitors (3-5 million!) visit Temple Square every year! Unbelievably, that’s almost as many visitors as Utah’s five National Parks combined! There’s so much to see and do on temple square, it’s no wonder it attracts so many visitors every year.

Before we share these beautiful photos with you, here’s something we’re guessing you didn’t know about the Salt Lake Temple:

Surely you didn’t know (we didn’t!) that the temple has been damaged by two separate bombing incidents! The first was indirect damage from a bomb on April 10, 1910 at the nearby Hotel Utah (now the Joseph Smith Memorial Building). The bomb damaged the trumpet of the temple’s Moroni statue. The second occurred on November 14, 1962, when at about 1:30 AM, the southeast door of the Salt Lake Temple was bombed. The large wooden entrance doors were damaged by flying fragments of metal and glass. Damage to interior walls occurred 25 feet inside the temple, but damage to the interior was minor.

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10 Summer Pictures of the Salt Lake Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably) | Surrounded by Temple Square, the beautiful and iconic Salt Lake Temple attracts millions of visitors every year! Here are 10 summer pictures of the temple that you haven't seen yet. Probably.