12 More Pictures of the Washington DC Temple You Haven’t Seen Yet

12 More Pictures of the Washington DC Temple You Haven’t Seen Yet

Feature photo can be found here: Washington DC Temple – For Eternity by Rory Wallwork

Over five years ago we showcased 9 beautiful pictures of the Washington DC Temple. Since then, the temple has been through renovations, an open house, and rededication, and now we’ve got so many more amazing photos that we just had to share!

Standing on lush, wooded grounds about 10 miles north of the United States Capitol, the large gold-spired Washington DC Temple is a well-known landmark along the Capital Beltway in Kensington, Maryland. The beauty of this soaring edifice is enhanced by a reflection pond near the visitors’ center and a spouting water feature at the temple entrance. It was the first Latter-day Saint temple built on the East Coast of the United States. Originally dedicated in 1974, and at 160,000 square feet, it is the third-largest temple in the world. And if you’ve ever visited the temple in person, you know this is true, when you walk up to it’s soaring spires and beautiful white Alabama marble.

You may also notice 16 bronze medallions — symbolizing creation, mortality, and the degrees of glory — eight of which decorate the temple gates and eight of which decorate the temple doors. Sculptor Franz Johansen, a member of the Church, depicted the Big Dipper and North Star, the earth, the planets, the moon, the stars, the sun, concentric circles representing eternity, and seven concentric pentagons representing the seven dispensations. In addition, the seven floors of the temple represent the six days of creation and the day of rest.

On the east side of the temple, the central tower reaches a height of 288 feet, making it the tallest spire on a Latter-day Saint temple anywhere in the world. The three spires on the east and the three on the west represent the Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthoods. Interestingly, the six-spire design echoes the design of the Salt Lake Temple.

And as we mentioned earlier, beginning in March, 2018, the temple closed for a extensive renovations. The building received considerable upgrades to its mechanical system and the finishes and furnishings were refreshed. There were also changes made to the landscaping and a small addition to the exterior to enclose a new elevator system and stairs. The project was completed in 2020, but because of COVID-19, the open house was delayed until 2022. The temple was finally rededicated on August 14, 2022.

Without further adieu, here are 10 more pictures (and one painting) of the Washington DC Temple that you may not have seen yet:

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12 More Pictures of the Washington DC Temple You Haven’t Seen Yet | The beautiful Washington DC Temple is one of the most iconic temples in the Church. It was recently rededicated, and here are 12 pictures you may not have seen yet.