12 New Manti Temple Pictures To Inspire You

12 New Manti Temple Pictures To Inspire You

(Feature photo can be found here: Manti Temple – Standing Tall by Rory Wallwork)

This is the second time we’re showcasing the beautiful photos of the historic Manti Utah Temple that are for sale here on our website. If you haven’t seen the first post, be sure to take a look at it here!

The Manti Temple actually closed in March 2021 for some fairly significant renovations. The project will be a multi-year endeavor that includes mechanical upgrades, safety improvements and the implementation of filmed presentations of temple ceremonies to expand worship access in more than 90 languages. This is likely one of the main reasons for the announcement that a new temple will be built just north of Manti in the city of Ephraim, home to Snow College. The construction of the new temple will likely take place as quickly as possible, so that Latter-day Saints in the area have a nearby temple to attend while the Manti Temple is closed.

During the announcement of the Manti Temple renovations, Bishop Waddell said the Manti house of the Lord is a “jewel of a temple.” Latter-day Saints “owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to determined pioneers who settled in this area and who had to battle rattlesnakes for possession of this valley,” he said. “During the construction of this sacred edifice [in the 1870s and 1880s], some workmen walked the seven miles from Ephraim each Monday morning and back home again Saturday night. In addition to being self-sacrificing, their service was of the highest quality. The work that will now be done will not only honor the Lord but will honor our pioneer forbears whose sacrifice and talent will continue to be on display for generations to come as members of the Church worship in this sacred house of the Lord.”

The temple was finished in 1888, built on a rattlesnake-infested site, known as the Manti Stone Quarry. Once Brigham Young designated the site for a temple, it became known as Temple Hill. The quarry’s stone, Manti oolite, is the same cream-colored stone used for the beautiful temple exterior.

And now, here are 12 more wonderful, new pictures of the Manti Temple:

Manti Temple – Dawn Skies

Manti Temple – Dawn Skies by Rory Wallwork

Manti Temple – First Light

Manti Temple – First Light by Rory Wallwork

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