12 Pictures of the Provo City Center Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

12 Pictures of the Provo City Center Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

Feature photo can be found here: Provo City Center Temple – Burning Sky by Kenny Latimer

Dedicated not too long ago in 2016, the Provo City Center Temple is one of the newest temples in the Church. And it sure has a unique history! The temple utilizes much of the external shell of the tabernacle, which is all that remained of the original building after a fire in December 2010. The fire destroyed most everything inside the building except the exterior walls. It is the second tabernacle in Utah to be converted to a temple (the first being the Vernal Utah Temple) and the fourth LDS temple converted from an existing building (the three previous being the Vernal Temple, the Manhattan New York Temple, and the Copenhagen Denmark Temple).

During construction, the remaining tabernacle structure was fortified with 6 to 10 inches of reinforced concrete, combined with three rows of brick. It was supported on a structure of steel and concrete piles set at the planned altitude for the final building. Space for two below-grade stories was excavated before beginning work on the above-ground portions of the temple.

With the tabernacle being re-purposed as a temple, it just wasn’t possible to restore the building interior in its entirety. But rather significant efforts were made to cast the new temple’s interior design consistent with the architectural styles used in the original tabernacle. Many interior features survived the fire, including wood moldings, Newel posts and balustrades which allow for reproduction of the beautiful woodwork found in the pioneer tabernacle. Upon entering the temple, it’s familiarity to the historic tabernacle is evident to those who had been in the old tabernacle before.

Here are a few facts that you probably didn’t know about the Mount Timpanogos Temple:

  • It was the sixteenth temple in Utah. It is also the fourth built in Utah County and the second in Provo.
  • The Provo City Center Temple and the Provo Utah Temple are the second set of temples built in the same city. The first pair was built in South Jordan, Utah and consisted of the Jordan River Utah Temple and the Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple.
  • Its structure includes stained glass, finials, and other hardware that was salvaged from the remains of the Provo Tabernacle and restored to its proper functionality and beauty.

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12 Pictures of the Provo City Center Temple You Haven't Seen (probably) | Built from the ashes of the old Provo Tabernacle, the Provo City Center Temple now stands as the 2nd temple in Provo. Here are 12 pictures you probably haven't seen!