7 Pictures of the Portland Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

7 Pictures of the Portland Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably)

(Feature photo can be found here: Portland Temple – Eternal Sunset by Taylor Yardley)

The Portland Oregon Temple creates a beautiful sight for travelers driving along Oregon’s I-5 freeway, with it’s six spires rising above the Douglas-fir trees. The temple is home to some of the most beautiful temple grounds in the country, with a fountain and infinity pool on the west side of the temple. The Portland Temple was the 42nd temple of the Church and the first temple built in Oregon.

Before we share the photos with you, here are a few facts that you probably didn’t know about the Portland Temple:

  • It was the first and only temple built in Oregon so far.
  • The Portland Oregon Temple’s floor plan was adapted and used for the Las Vegas Temple.
  • 314,232 visitors toured the Portland Oregon Temple during its public open house.
  • The two-story Celestial Room of the Portland Oregon Temple features three chandeliers, long wall tapestries, and a grand staircase.
  • The temple was dedicated on August 19, 1989 by Gordon B. Hinckley.

Portland Temple – West Side

Portland Temple – West Side by Taylor Yardley

7 Pictures of the Portland Temple You Haven’t Seen (probably) | The Portland Temple is one of the most lovely and recognizable temples in the country, and today we're sharing some pictures that you may not have seen yet.