9 Pictures of the Boise Temple You Probably Haven’t Seen

9 Pictures of the Boise Temple You Probably Haven’t Seen

Feature photo can be found here: Boise Temple – September Skies by Rory Wallwork

The Boise Idaho Temple is a landmark that can’t be missed by those traveling on I-84 through the city. The temple is well known for its light granite exterior, large sloping roof, and six soaring spires, along with a beautiful water feature and numerous mature trees. The six-spire design was created to maximize efficiency, and it was adapted for 14 other temples built between 1984 and 1989. Among these are its sister buildings, the Chicago Illinois Temple and the Dallas Texas Temple.

Long before the temple was built, church leaders discussed building a temple in the western section of Idaho as early as 1939. But with the majority of the membership in the eastern part of Idaho, the leaders decided against it and concentrated on building the Idaho Falls Temple. Members in the Boise area were told that a temple would be built in their area when the membership of the Church increased substantially. Forty-five years later, Church leaders announced that a temple would be built in the Boise area.

Before we share these beautiful photos with you, here are a few facts that you might not know about the Boise Temple:

  • The Boise Temple was dedicated on May 25, 1984 by Gordon B. Hinckley, and the dedication had 24 sessions — more dedicatory sessions than had been held for any temple since the Salt Lake Temple!
  • The temple operated at 102 percent of capacity during its first year of operation — a demonstration of the remarkable dedication of the Saints of the temple district.
  • Due to its high level of use, the temple was closed for renovation and expansion just two-and-a-half years after its dedication.

Boise Temple – Summer Glow

Boise Temple – Summer Glow by Rory Wallwork

Boise Temple – Sunstar

Boise Temple – Sunstar by Rory Wallwork

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9 Pictures of the Boise Temple You Probably Haven’t Seen | The Boise Idaho Temple is a unique landmark that can't be missed by travelers. Here are nine beautiful pictures of the temple that you may not have seen yet.