Announcement – New Temple PAINTINGS!

Announcement – New Temple PAINTINGS!

Today we are thrilled to announce that joining us are a number of incredibly-talented painters! Over the past few years we have worked primarily with photographers. And it’s gone so well that we wanted to bring together another amazing group so the world can enjoy their work as well.

The first two joining us this week are Jolynn Forman and Dustin Lyon. Jolynn’s paintings are created not just with oil paints, but with cold wax as well. She has a unique abstract style that is refreshingly new. Dustin has a wonderful talent of capturing a time when life was simpler, by showing us temples as they were many years ago.

We will be adding more artists in the upcoming weeks!

It has always been our goal to make temple pictures available to everyone. We believe everyone should have a reminder of the sacred covenants that we have made in the temple, or the goal to one day enter into the temple. Our photography has helped many, many members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later-day Saints to have such a beautiful reminder hanging in their home.

Adding these beautiful paintings to our collection opens up even more opportunities for those who have been searching for a different form of temple art. We’re adding prints that are created from oil paintings, cold wax paintings, and watercolor paintings. And we plan to continue expanding our selection of painters and products! Currently we offer framed giclée prints, canvas gallery wraps, and smaller photo prints of our new paintings.

Please take a moment to admire our new artists’ work by clicking their links below:

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