Helena Temple Location Announced + Artist Rendering Released

Helena Temple Location Announced + Artist Rendering Released

Wow, we didn’t see this one coming so quickly! Less than three weeks after the announcement of the Helena Montana Temple, a location has already been announced and a beautiful artist rendering has been released. It’s likely that the Church has been working on the plans for this temple for quite a while now, and we’re excited that they were able to make everything official during the last General Conference and now today with the location announcement.

As depicted in the map below, the Helena Temple will be built on a 4.8-acre site located at 1260 Otter Road in Helena. It will definitely be among the smaller temples of the Church, as the initial plans call for a single-story temple of approximately 10,000 square feet, and a center spire. You can see what the temple will look like in the artist rendering above or below. Additional design details are still in the development phase and will be shared with the public at a later time. The temple site will also be shared with a new meetinghouse.

We’re thrilled for the Latter-day Saints living in Montana. This will be the second temple built in the state, following the Billings Temple, which was dedicated in 1999. The Billings Temple has been the closest temple for a large portion of more than 50,000 Latter-day Saints in Montana. So having a temple much closer in Helena will be a wonderful blessing for those in the area!

Interior renderings, as well as more information about the future temple, will be made public at a later time. A groundbreaking date has also not yet been set. In the coming months, project leaders will begin working with city officials to make plans more official.

The location of the future Helena Montana Temple.
The beautiful artist rendering of the future Helena Temple.