Lehi Temple, West Jordan Temple, and New Tampa Temple Locations Announced

Lehi Temple, West Jordan Temple, and New Tampa Temple Locations Announced

It’s been a good week already for temple announcements. Today the locations of three future temples were revealed – the Lehi Utah Temple, the West Jordan Utah Temple, and a new location for the Tampa Florida Temple. What a blessing these temples will be to the Latter-day Saints in their respective areas!

The future location of the Lehi Utah Temple.

Lehi Utah Temple

The new Lehi Temple, announced just two weeks ago, will be built on a 22.48-acre site northwest of the intersection of 3950 North and Center Street in Lehi. Clearly the development of the city’s first temple has been going on for quite a while now. Initial plans for the temple call for a multi-story structure of approximately 85,000 square feet, as well as a new meetinghouse at the site. The temple will be amongst the largest in the Church. As an example, the new Layton Temple is around 90,000 square feet.

The future location of the West Jordan Utah Temple.

West Jordan Utah Temple

The new West Jordan Temple, also announced two weeks ago, will be built on a 16.10-acre site at the approximately 7148 South and west of Highway 111. It is not far from the other temples in the Salt Lake Valley, so clearly there is a huge need for additional temples due to the growth in the western area. And also like the Lehi Temple, plans call for a multi-story temple of approximately 85,000 square feet and a new meetinghouse.

The new future location of the Tampa Florida Temple.

Tampa Florida Temple

A location for the future Tampa Temple had previously been announced in October 2022. However, a new location has now been announced. Unfortunately no reason was given as to why the change was necessary. The single-story temple of approximately 29,000 square feet will now be constructed on a 12-acre site at 9445 Camden Fields Parkway, Riverview, Florida. As far as we know, the design of the temple will remain the same, which you can see below:

Of course these are just early announcements, so more detailed design plans for all three of these temples are still being developed. Interior renderings, as well as more information, will be made public at a later time. Groundbreaking dates have not been set yet either. In the coming months, project leaders will begin working with city officials to make plans more official.