Manti Temple Open House & Rededication Dates

Manti Temple Open House & Rededication Dates

Feature photo: Manti Temple – Greater Heights by Lance Bertola

Many Latter-day Saints in the central Utah area, around Manti and Ephraim, are surely very excited today by the news today about when the historic Manti Utah Temple will be rededicated, as well as when the public open house will be held. The temple has now been undergoing renovations for over two years.

The rededication of the temple will be held on Sunday, April 21, 2024. It will be broadcast to all units in the Manti Utah Temple district. Prior to the rededication, a public open house will be held for three weeks. It will go from Thursday, March 14, through Friday, April 5, 2024, excluding Sundays.

During the open house next year, everyone will have the opportunity to go inside and experience the beauty and spirit found in the temple. Everyone can have an individual experience that will help them feel the love of God. People are invited to make plans now to join us for this unique experience to tour first-hand a place that so many hold dear.

The two-year renovations of the historic pioneer-era temple, originally constructed by hand, included mechanical upgrades, safety improvements and the implementation of filmed presentations of temple ceremonies to expand worship access in more than 90 languages. The renovations were a mix of preservation, restoration and installation of new equipment – all in preparation for future generations.

The Ephraim Temple, just 7 miles to the north, is currently under construction, but it still has a long ways to go – estimated to be finished some time in 2025. The nearest temple for the past two years has been the Payson Temple. So the reopening of the Manti Temple will be a wonderful blessing to all those in the area. We look forward to visiting both the renovated Manti Temple and the new Ephraim Temple once it’s finished, to see their beauty both inside and out! We’ll make new pictures of the temple available as soon as we have them.

Manti Temple – First Light

Manti Temple – First Light by Rory Wallwork