New Artist – Steve Weller

New Artist – Steve Weller

Steve Weller Portrait(This post’s feature photo can be found here – Layton Temple Sunrise Illustration)

We’re very happy to announce that artist/illustrator Steve Weller has joined our team! Steve has been drawing since he was very young and is passionate about his art. He is a full-time middle school teacher and part-time college instructor, and tends to be the go-to guy when someone needs something drawn. He has self-published multiple books about middle school comics. He’s also been published in several newspapers, magazines, and educational websites. On top of that, he paints murals around the community. He is husband to his wife Kristen and father to five children. And on a side note, he has over 100 Captain America items in his classroom collection!

He recently started drawing the series of temples that you can see below. One of the reasons for doing so is that his older children set a goal to visit every temple in Utah, and they recently achieved their goal. He’ll continue to add more as new temples are announced and built.

We’re thrilled to have Steve’s talent a part of our team, and we look forward to seeing many new drawings from him in the future!

Be sure to take a look at more of Steve’s temple drawings here as well as a few of our favorite images below: