New Photographer – Gavin Vanderbeek

New Photographer – Gavin Vanderbeek

Gavin Vanderbeek Portrait(This post’s feature photo can be found here – Logan Temple – His Glory Shines)

We’re so happy to announce that LDS temple photographer Gavin Vanderbeek has joined our team! Gavin was born and raised in Cache Valley, Utah, and it was there that he began his interest in photography. He enjoys portrait and landscape photography most. Gavin has always loved the outdoors and the beautiful world we live in. Seeing things in a different perspective is his key to happiness. A few years ago he also found a new love in photography, which is photographing the beautiful LDS Temples. Gavin has not only a great eye for composition and beautiful lighting, but also a talent for being in the right place at the right time, as you’ll see from the amazing weather he captures below.

Gavin’s goal is to capture the world in a way that people can also feel the peace and joy he does. Being able to touch others and help them enjoy the world around is something that is very important to him.

We’re super excited to have Gavin’s talent as part of our team, and we look forward to seeing his collection of temple photography grow!

Be sure to take a check out more of Gavin’s temple pictures here, as well as some our favorites of his below:

Tucson Temple – Front Sunrise

Tucson Temple – Front Sunrise by Gavin Vanderbeek

Payson Temple – Autumn Skies

Payson Temple – Autumn Skies by Gavin Vanderbeek

Logan Temple – Crimson Sunset

Logan Temple – Crimson Sunset by Gavin Vanderbeek

Logan Temple – His Glory Shines

Logan Temple – His Glory Shines by Gavin Vanderbeek