New Photographer – Josh Packer

New Photographer – Josh Packer

Josh Packer Portrait(This post’s feature photo can be found here – Idaho Falls Temple – Cotton Candy Skies)

We’re excited to announce that LDS photographer Josh Packer has joined our team! Josh has been photographing his local Idaho Falls temple for a few years now and not too long ago also began traveling to other temples to capture their beauty. Josh has a great eye for composition and lighting. He also makes the most of each temple by capturing them from above using his drone to get a unique and wonderful perspective.

Josh began his interest in photography back in 2013. Besides being an active temple photographer, Josh is also an avid landscape and wildlife photographer based out of Idaho Falls, Idaho. One doesn’t always consider the state of Idaho to be the most picturesque area of the country. But Josh definitely captures it in a way that few others have, with his ability to find the most stunning locations and photograph them in a way that’s creative, unique, and beautiful.

We’re thrilled to have Josh’s talent as part of our team, and we look forward to seeing many new photographs from him in the future!

Be sure to take a look at more of Josh’s temple pictures here as well as a few of our favorites of his below: