Our 10 Favorite Provo Temple Pictures As It Closes Today

Our 10 Favorite Provo Temple Pictures As It Closes Today

(Feature photo can be found here: Provo Temple – Brightly Beams by Jon Adams)

Today, February 24, 2024, is the day the Provo Utah Temple as we know it closes forever. For many people, it is a bittersweet day. Latter-day Saints in the area, and even around the world, have close ties to the temple. Whether they were sealed to their family there, went there often while attending BYU, went every week as a missionary in the MTC, or lived in the area and have been visiting the temple their entire lives – the current Provo Temple will be missed.

We need not say any more about that. But instead, we look forward to the day when the reconstructed temple is complete and the new Provo Utah Rock Canyon Temple is dedicated. It will be a beautiful temple, as you can see in the official rendering here.

In celebration of the original temple, we wanted to share with you some of our favorite pictures of the Provo Temple that have been taken of the years. We hope you enjoy them! And we now look forward to photographing the future temple in however many years it takes to finish it.

Provo Temple – Sunset West

Provo Temple – Sunset West by Dustin LeFevre

Provo Temple – Summer Sky

Provo Temple – Summer Sky by Kenny Latimer

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