Over 60 New Temple Paintings By Brent Borup Added to Catalog

Over 60 New Temple Paintings By Brent Borup Added to Catalog

Feature image can be found here: St. George Temple – Changing Seasons Painting by Brent Borup

Most of us here at LDS Temple Pictures are passionate temple photographers. But there are a few on the team who are also extremely talented painters. Our painters love sharing their paintings of temples across the country. Brent Borup is one of those gifted painters who has painted so many temples in his own unique style, and we love every one of them.

Just recently, Brent honored us by making over 60 more of his temple paintings available to be sold in our catalog. It’s a privilege to be able to work with Brent and make is paintings available for everyone to enjoy in their own homes. Thank you Brent for your talent and your inspiration!

Brent was born in Boise, Idaho and then later raised in Meridian, Idaho. His love for art was developed while he was in high school, and he made it his goal to have a career in fine art. He served a mission in the Mexico Monterrey South Mission (Brent even has paintings of the Monterrey Temple and the Mexico City Temple). After his mission, he attended both Boise State University and the College of Southern Idaho. In college, he met his wife and fellow artist Jeanette. He currently lives in Preston, Idaho with his wife and three children.

Below we’ve put together 10 of our favorite new temple paintings from Brent. While most of them are not new for him (he painted many of them years ago), they’re new on our website! And we’re so excited to be able to have them available for purchase so that you can have them in your home. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

All of these beautiful temple paintings are available for sale. You can find photo prints, canvas wraps, and framed photos in a large variety of sizes. If one of these above pictures caught your eye, just click on it!

And as an extra bonus, we wanted to include these brand new watercolor paintings of Christ by Tausha Schumann. She’s another one of our amazing painters with whom we’re privileged to work. If you’re looking for the perfect portrait of Christ for your home, you’ll find what you’re looking for on our other website www.ldsart.shop!