Photographers Meet at the Mount Timpanogos Temple

Photographers Meet at the Mount Timpanogos Temple

(Feature photo can be found here – Mount Timpanogos Temple – Spring Sunrise by Rory Wallwork)

As you may or may not know, we have a team of sixteen incredibly talented photographers here on LDS Temple Pictures. It’s our goal to bring you the most wonderful and inspired temple photography in the country. And to do that, we always need new pictures!

So once in a while, a number of the photographers who contribute their fantastic photography to our website get together for a photography “session” at the temple. This past weekend six of us (Alan Fullmer, Taylor Yardley, Rory Wallwork, Daniel Hopkins, Gavin Vanderbeek, and Lance Bertola) met at the Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple to see what the morning brought us. We were blessed with a beautiful sunrise on a cool spring morning. One of the photographers said, “It was an incredible sunrise, we were all thrilled.”

We thought it would be fun to show you some of the different views and compositions each person had, in no particular order. While we were all shooting at the same location, it’s always great to see the different takes and angles each photographer is able to capture. The sunrise only lasted mere minutes, so all of these pictures were taken within minutes of each other. We hope you enjoy!

If there is a certain photo that you would like to purchase that is not on our website yet, please contact us!

Mount Timpanogos Temple by Rory Wallwork

Mount Timpanogos Temple by Alan Fullmer

Mount Timpanogos Temple by Daniel Hopkins

Mount Timpanogos Temple by Gavin Vanderbeek

Mount Timpanogos Temple by Taylor Yardley

Mount Timpanogos Temple by Lance Bertola

Photographers Meet at the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Once in a while, a number of us photographers get together for a photography