Possible Layton Temple Locations & Construction Sites

Possible Layton Temple Locations & Construction Sites

When President Russell M. Nelson announced on Sunday that Layton would be the site of a new temple, the entire audience attending General Conference seemed to gasp in surprise and delight. Everyone was shocked and amazed. And of course, the residents of Davis County couldn’t be happier.

But that now leaves everyone wondering where the new temple site will be located. Regardless of its location, the second temple in Davis County will have a tremendous effect on members living in the area, as it will fill the gap between the church’s Bountiful and Ogden temples and create easier access for church members to perform temple work.

Officially confirming the spot at which it will be built, however, is left to church officials. And so far no one has had any official comment. These kinds of announcements or confirmations come from the First Presidency, so all we can “officially” do is wait. But in the meantime, there are plenty of rumors that we can play with!

Location #1

Seen as the feature image for this post and on the map below, the first and most like location is along Oak Hills Drive (just off of Gentile Street) at about 1500 east. On Friday, the LDS Church acquired the deed for two parcels of land atthat location totaling just under 13 acres, according to documents from the Davis County Recorder’s Office. The property includes a 1-acre lot with a home east of Rosewood Lane and a nearly 12-acre pasture located on the south side of Oak Hills Drive.

This seems to be a perfect location for building a new temple! It’s definitely large enough – comparable to the size of land that the new Payson Temple is built on. And what a beautiful view it would have, and it would greatly add to the atmosphere and spirit of the area. But in the end, Brent Roberts, managing director of the special projects department for the church, declined to specify the Layton Temple construction site. He noted that it will be announced “in due time” once the design of the building is prepared and the groundbreaking is announced.

Possible Location #2

There are also rumors of two possible construction sites in West Layton. The first is along Hill Field Road, as seen below. According to the Davis County Assessor, there is an section of land owned by the Church that is also big enough for a temple site along Hill Field Road from 2200 to 2300 West.

Possible Location #3

And according to rumors, the third possible location is near the new IHC Clinic. While we haven’t heard of a specific spot, we can only presume that it would be the empty land on the north side of Layton Parkway and just west of Main Street. This too would make a great temple site!

Now We Wait Patiently

We’re all excited for the new temple. But no matter where it’s built, it will be a great location for the temple. The Church never goes wrong in their inspired decisions. The most important thing is that it’s a huge blessing to the members of the Church and those for whom work is done in the temple.

It’s likely that sometime in the next year or so the Church will announce the exact location and begin construction on the Layton Temple.

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