Preliminary Plans for Richmond Virginia Temple Released

Preliminary Plans for Richmond Virginia Temple Released

The Church recently filed preliminary plans to construct the new Richmond Virginia Temple near the intersection of Staples Mill and Mountain roads in Henrico County. It will be the first temple built in Virginia! Church leaders estimate that Virginia is home to about 100,000 members, making it one of the states with the largest populations of members without a temple. We’re so excited for the good people of that area to have a temple in the near future!

The Church’s plans call for an 11-acre wooded lot at 10915 Staples Mill Road to be clear to make way for the new two-story, 36,200-square-foot temple and an adjacent 16,200-square-foot meeting house. As is the case with most other new temples, the plans call for a large steeple capped with a golden statue of the Angel Moroni.

Further design plans for the temple are still being developed. Additional information — including interior and exterior renderings — is always made to the public later on as construction gets closer.

Plans for the temple grounds also include extensive landscaping and more than 240 parking spaces throughout the property. Unfortunately the documents didn’t include any construction dates, timeline, or a groundbreaking date.

The Richmond Temple will become an important part of the lives of Latter-day Saints in Virginia and the surrounding areas, as well as for the community at large.

Stay tuned – we’ll definitely announce anything we hear in the future right here!