Preliminary Plans & Location for Saratoga Springs Temple Released

Preliminary Plans & Location for Saratoga Springs Temple Released

The Church recently filed preliminary plans to construct the new Saratoga Springs Utah Temple near the new Beacon Pointe subdivision, west of Redwood Road and just north of Meadow Side Drive. Depending on the speed of the construction, it will likely be the 18th temple in Utah. We’re so excited for the good people of that area to have a temple so close in the near future!

The plans that were submitted to the city of Saratoga Springs call for a three-story temple of approximately 87,000 square feet, as well as an adjacent 21,000-square-foot meetinghouse.

The documents also describe open-space plans, including landscaping, parking, utilities, transportation and other site-related issues. They lay out general design principles and uses for the 22.7-acre temple site as well.

Further design plans for the temple are still being developed. Additional information — including interior and exterior renderings — is always made to the public later on as construction gets closer. A groundbreaking date has not yet be set, but we’ll be sure to announce it here when it is released!

The Saratoga Springs Temple is not the only temple to be built in Utah in the near future. Temples have also been announced in Layton, Tooele Valley and Washington County, but no further details have been released for any of the three since their announcement.

Stay tuned – we’ll definitely announce future information right here!