Temple News: Reopening of Temples, Feather River Temple Groundbreaking, and More

Temple News: Reopening of Temples, Feather River Temple Groundbreaking, and More

Even during a difficult and crazy time right now with Covid-19 around the world, we still have plenty of good news about the progress of many temples around the country! Over the last few weeks we’ve had announcements and other progress being made regarding the Feather River Temple, the Moses Lake Temple, the Tooele Valley Temple, and the Salt Lake Temple. And of course many of the temples around the world are slowly starting to re-open. More on all of this below!

Limited Re-opening of Many Temples

The big news these last few weeks has of course been the re-opening of many of the temples around the world. As Covid-19 restrictions have slowly been easing up just a bit, the temples have been doing the same. The process started with 17 temples opening on May 11th and has now expanded to 52 temples that have already re-opened or will be open by May 25th. Now of course these “open” temples are only in Phase 1, meaning only living sealings will be performed for previously endowed members under strict guidelines and safety precautions. It is still unknown when Phase 2 will begin, but hopefully the next stage in the process will happen soon! For more information about which temples are open and what the next phases involve, please visit the official Church announcement.

Feather River Temple Groundbreaking Date

We’re a little behind on this one, but on April 28th it was announced that the groundbreaking for the Feather River California Temple will take place on July 18, 2020. Attendance at the site will be by invitation only, especially right now during the time of quarantine. Local members will be given additional details as the date approaches.

Moses Lake Temple Site Plan

A request to authorize the construction of the Moses Lake Washington Temple and its accompanying stake center was recently submitted to the City of Moses Lake. It was recommended by City staff to approve the request provided that the property be platted within one year. This may seem like a somewhat small step in the process, but every approval means it’s one step closer to beginning construction!

Residential Community Near Tooele Valley Temple

This is an interesting concept that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is planning near the Tooele Valley Utah Temple! Renderings were released that show the possible development of 167 acres surrounding the temple, turning it into a residential area that includes single-family homes, 55+ active adult communities, and large open spaces.

“We are committed to developing a vibrant neighborhood where people of different ages and income levels will enjoy living within walking distance of the temple. The temple’s timeless architecture and manicured grounds will be a beautiful, enduring central feature of the community for all who will live there, regardless of religious affiliation,” said Ashley Powell, managing director of Investment Properties.

Plenty of additional information and artist renderings can be found on the official announcement page here.

Angel Moroni & Other Elements Removed From Atop the Salt Lake Temple

The Angel Moroni statue and capstone were removed from atop the Salt Lake Temple this morning. Other elements like the granite finials on the spires of the temple are also being removed over the last week or so and work on these other items will continue. The statue, capstone, and other items will be refurbished and preserved until they are reinstalled at a future date. The removal of the stones from the upper spires of the temple also continues, and they too will be preserved until later. For more pictures of the removal of the Angel Moroni statue, visit the official news announcement here.