The Jordan River Temple is Rededicated

The Jordan River Temple is Rededicated

Yesterday, May 20, 2018, marked a wonderful day for the people in the Jordan River Temple’s district – the rededication of the temple!

President Henry B. Eyring was asked to preside over the rededication and to pen the rededicatory prayer. With the assignment in mind, he studied closely the original dedicatory prayer offered by President Spencer W. Kimball in 1981.

In the original prayer, President Eyring found pleas and supplications made more than 36 years previous that sought for unity among Church leaders and among Latter-day Saints, as well as a call for righteous governmental leadership worldwide. The prayer seemed to connect needs and opportunities from 1981 to present day.

“It’s terrifically appropriate to our time,” said President Eyring several days prior to the rededication of the temple. “You get the feeling that he foresaw turbulent times and times of dissension,” he said, adding,”he was very concerned with the idea of ‘let’s be unified, let’s be close to each other, let’s love each other, let’s have no dissension.'”

And so, during the rededicatory prayer, President Eyring quoted extensively from the 1981, prayer, underscoring the importance of unity and the need for righteous leadership throughout the world.

The rededication capped a two-year renovation of the Jordan River Temple, a six-week public open house and numerous cultural events and celebrations for the youth of the temple district. More than 452,000 people toured through the temple during its open house!

Although the temple district is geographically one of the Church’s smallest, the Jordan River Temple has been one of its busiest in the world, and it is anticipated that it will return to being just as busy.

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