The Red Cliffs Temple Is Dedicated

The Red Cliffs Temple Is Dedicated

After nearly six years since it was announced in October 2018, and after three and a half years of construction, the Red Cliffs Utah Temple was dedicated today, March 24, 2024. The dedication was performed by President Henry B. Eyring, Second Counselor in the First Presidency. The new temple is the 20th temple in Utah and the 189th in the world!

“You will find a joy in your service here that is available in no other way,” President Eyring said in the temple’s first of two dedicatory sessions in St. George, Utah.

“My faith is strengthened whenever I come to this area,” President Eyring added. “This ground was made sacred to my family and to me by the faith of ancestors now in the spirit world. Their faith in God, in temples, and in prophets carried them through the difficult times that come into every life. My great-grandfather, Henry Eyring, was one of the pioneers of the St. George area. He served as a recorder in the St. George Utah Temple. I can only imagine his joy to know that there is now a second temple in St. George.”

The Red Cliffs Temple is one of two temples in St. George. The other temple, the St. George Temple, is the oldest temple in the Church, at 146 years old. So until the next temple is dedicated, the city of St. George is currently home to both the oldest and newest temple in the world!

In the dedicatory prayer, President Eyring blessed the Saints to feel more of God’s presence. “May [the temple] be ever sacred to those who enter it and to all who look upon it,” he prayed. “Bless them to feel Thy presence and a sense of hope and a desire to draw closer to Thee and to Thy Son.”

When it comes to temples dotting the earth, this is a great time to be living in. This year will be yet another busy year for temples throughout the world, and especially here in Utah. The Taylorsville Utah Temple will be dedicated on June 2, and the Layton Utah Temple on June 16, 2024. Free tickets for the Taylorsville Temple can be found here, while the Layton Temple open house reservations can be found here.

We have quite a few beautiful Red Cliffs Temple pictures available now. And if you didn’t have a chance to attend the public open house to see inside the temple, be sure to take a look at the pictures of the beautiful interior!