The Salt Lake Temple Closed Yesterday – Here Are Some of Our Favorite Pictures

The Salt Lake Temple Closed Yesterday – Here Are Some of Our Favorite Pictures

Feature image can be found here: Salt Lake Temple – Summer Sunset West by Brooks Crandell

Yesterday marked a very important day, not only for Latter-day Saints in the Salt Lake area, but for members around the world. It was the day that the Salt Lake Temple officially closed for extensive renovations. These renovations will last approximately four years. Some renovations will be done on the inside, but the most obvious changes will be made to the area surrounding the temple, including parts of Temple Square. We’re excited for these changes, but also sad to see what we’ve grown to love disappear! But we know that they changes will be for the best and will definitely make the grounds around the temple even more beautiful than ever!

Of course the temple itself closed yesterday, December 29th. The South Visitors’ Center will close on January 1st. All other buildings on Temple Square will remain open and welcoming to visitors for the duration of the renovations.

We probably won’t be able to get many, if any, new pictures of the Salt Lake Temple for four years, but we definitely look forward to photographing the renovated temple and Temple Square when the time comes! In the meantime, here is a look back at some of our favorite Salt Lake Temple pictures:

Salt Lake Temple – Dawn

Salt Lake Temple – Dawn by Richard Webb

Salt Lake Temple – Autumn

Salt Lake Temple – Autumn by Dustin LeFevre

Salt Lake Temple – Eternal

Salt Lake Temple – Eternal by Taylor Yardley

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