The Washington DC Temple is Rededicated by President Nelson

The Washington DC Temple is Rededicated by President Nelson

Today, August 14, 2022, marked a wonderful day for the people in the greater Washington DC area – the rededication of the Washington DC Temple!

The temple was rededicated by President Russel M. Nelson, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The rededication took place after four years of renovations, Covid delays, and a public open house a couple months ago. The temple closed in March 2018 to begin the renovations. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and lighting systems throughout the 160,000-square-foot structure have been refreshed, in addition to other work done to refurbish and renovate the temple. Areas of the grounds surrounding the temple have also been updated.

“We ask Thee to accept this house as our offering to Thee and Thy Son as a place worthy of Thy holy habitation,” prayed President Nelson in the dedicatory prayer. “And we ask Thee to … make [this house] a refuge for all who enter its precincts. Please bless all who step onto these grounds, for whatever purpose, to feel Thy presence and to leave with a renewed sense of hope and an increased desire to draw close to Thee and Thy Son.”

“Today, we are ever grateful for the free exercise of religion guaranteed by the inspired Constitution of the United States of America,” the prophet prayed. “We are grateful for that Constitution and for the leaders of this great nation, past, present and future. Please bless them with a desire to do what is right.”

He continued: “We are mindful of the many ambassadors and diplomats who come to this great city from many nations of the world. We pray that Thou wilt bless them and all Thy children with a desire to seek Thee and keep Thy commandments. Please bless Thy children of the covenant to be beacons of spiritual light and righteousness to the entire world.”

In remarks before the dedicatory prayer, President Nelson taught Latter-day Saints that “temples and temple covenants have always been important to God and His covenant people. Think of it: Adam and Eve, Abraham and Sarah, Lehi and Sariah [of the Book of Mormon] all made covenants with God as we do today.”

The ancient pattern is connected to modern times through 19th-century Latter-day Saints building temples in Ohio, Illinois and Utah, the prophet said. Today, the Church of Jesus Christ has 167 operating temples and another 51 under construction.

“Each temple stands as a symbol of our membership in the Church, as a sign of our faith in life after death, and as a sacred step toward eternal glory for us and our families,” President Nelson said. “I promise that if you will make time to be in the temple regularly, it will change your lives. It will bless your families, strengthen your faith and open the windows of heaven for you.”

We, as temple photographers, are especially excited to see the renewed grounds surrounding the temple, as this is often part of the focus of our temple pictures. As President Nelson and his wife, Sister Wendy Nelson, walked the temple grounds on Saturday, the prophet commented on the renovated temple’s excellent craftsmanship: “Just to think of the magnificence of the work that’s been done beautifying, renewing [and] renovating this temple. We’re very grateful,” he said. “This temple will stand now for another generation or two before it has to be redone.”

The Washington DC Temple is one of the most well-known temples in the country, for those both within and outside the Church. For those outside the Church, it is simply a well-known landmark along the Capital Beltway in Kensington. Originally dedicated in 1974, it was the 16th temple built in the world, as well as the first temple in the Eastern United States.

At the dedication, local Latter-day Saints said they are eager to again worship in the Washington D.C. Temple. And we’re also excited to visit it and capture new photographs of this beautiful and iconic temple!